Di seguito troverete  l’elenco dei progetti messi in atto dall’Associazione, con la possibilità di scaricare per ciascuno di questi una scheda riassuntiva delle principali informazioni che riguardano il progetto.

Il progetto Erasmus+ “A Rounder Sense of Purpose”

The first meeting of Erasmus+ project RSP: Rounder Sense of Purpose was held at the University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK, in December 2015.

During the next three years partners from Frederick University (Cyprus), HRTA (Hungary), Italian association for Sustainability Science, Duurzame PABO/HZ University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), Tallinn University (Estonia) and University of Gloucestershire (UK) will work together to develop an accreditation model that teacher educators can use in any European context so that pre-service and experienced educators can demonstrate their competence in ESD through a widely-recognised model of accreditation. By working closely with practitioners in a range of different contexts, the project aims to facilitate the engagement of 40 teacher educators and 200 pre-service teachers in the practical application of ESD competences. The accreditation model will provide other institutions with a straightforward means of assessing and certificating student achievement in ESD – a useful addition to any educator preparation programme. The ‘tools and guidelines’ publication will ensure that those who wish to use the accreditation model will be supported in their efforts to integrate sustainable development into their mainstream programmes. The accreditation model and the supporting ‘tools and guidelines’ will be tested for their adaptability and transferability across European contexts. The aim is to help overcome the ‘bottleneck’ in educator competence in education for sustainable development (as reported at the UNECE ESD Conference, Belgrade, October 2007).