IASS contributes to project: TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program

トビタテ!留学JAPAN 日本代表プログラムとは

TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program”, launched in 2014 as a Public-Private Partnership Student Study Abroad Program, aims to create global talent communities through a number of Japanese high school and college students be trained abroad as human resources that Japanese society requires.

In order to foster local development, the local government of Oita has been supporting Japanese students by granting scholarships under Tobitate programme and by assisting employment through matching with companies in association with the “Council for the Development of Glocal Leaders in Oita”, a non-profit organization established as an industry-government-academia group.

The Italian Association for Sustainability Science (IASS), acting as a  platform for Science Policy Society interface and providing capacity building activities to foster the above interface, cooperates with the “Council for the Development of Glocal Leaders in Oita” for the implementation of  Tobitate Programme in Italy.

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